In The Quest for Payment, Insurance Billing Efficiency is Power

All in the Details If you’ve been a healthcare biller for any length of time, you have probably already discovered a truth that has been woven into the very fiber of BrickMed insurance billing solutions- there are countless places along the way where the insurance billing revenue cycle can  become painfully inefficient, and you require a billing solution designed to help you anticipate and respond to the myriad challenges- many certainly intentional- that work to keep your providers from their pay. Our billing solutions have been forged from nearly twenty years of listening to and reflecting, down to the smallest detail, ongoing feedback from centers ranging from single-provider practices to busy billing centers representing nearly every kind of professional office in healthcare. From features like same-as-last-time posting for therapeutic practices to fast appeal tagging that speeds batch payment posting to a powerful, integrated “one-stop” collections module- we understand that every keystroke  you are spared means you can do a better job of billing faster and more easily.

From simple office visits to worker’s comp claims and even institutional UB-04’s, our focus is on keeping your billing process  easy and   efficient no matter what comes your way.

Improving Your Insurance Billing Process, Front-to-Back

With high-deductible health plans on the rise, great up-front collections can make the difference between “just getting by” and prospering economically. Integrated eligibility verification*  is your practice’s first line of defense against patient non-payment. With batch eligibility checking, your staff can pull eligibiity checks for patients from all supported payers at once, right from the schedule. When combined with the flexibility convenience of integrated support for credit card, ACH, and electronic check processing** (including super-quick partial refund posting in the back office on those rare occasions when the payer writes a bigger check than expected), both your busy front office and back office staff can painlessly address the burden of even the newest  patient responsibility scenarios.

E-Claim Flexibility

We don’t feel it’s  right for vendors to restrict their clients’ choice of clearinghouse. Whether you use GatewayEDI or one of countless other options, it should be your business values and not vendors’ biases (often, unfortunately, based more on the size of referral payments than on quality) that should drive your choice of claim clearinghouse.

Making the Unexpected a Walk in The Park

By far, the biggest potential source of inefficiency in the insurance billing process is the handling of exceptions- whether discovering an underpayment in the middle of a big EOB or working an extra-stubborn collection on a large claim.  We give you the power to tag-and-defer the handling of administrative tasks with easy-to-use tools like patient administrative ticklers, quick transaction tagging, and a powerful collections module that frees you from having to work collections from huge, unwieldy aged A/R reports while helping you prioritize your work.

*Requires direct electronic eligibility service, available for a monthly fee.
**Requires Credit Card and ACH processing services from TransFirst.