Solving Medical Practice Management Puzzles

More than software…You need practice management solutions.


Give Your Office Efficiency & Visibility

…and give yourself the ability to take the pulse of a complex practice quickly- right from your desk. Born of over twenty years of continuous development and honed by the feedback of thousands of practice managers, billing managers, and providers, BrickMed Office is a product of “in-the-trenches” evolution. Ease-of-use, power and flexibility usually only meet in marketing slicks. Not here. You carry the weight of the practice, in all its complexity, on your shoulders and you deserve the real thing. BrickMed delivers.

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Protect Your Office Against EHR Failure

The EHR industry’s biggest “dirty little secret” is that with the availability of long-established standards for interfacing PMS and EHR systems and EHR implementation failure rates of 30-70%, “all-in-one” isn’t about helping your business- it’s about tying it down if your providers grow dissatisfied. BrickMed will never force you to work with a preferred EHR vendor- we help you ensure that EHR failure doesn’t drag the rest of your business down by decoupling your risk and giving you the freedom of choice.

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