medical billing software for billing companies

Affordable Quality
Medical Billing Software for Billing Companies

BrickMed has been delivering high-value, affordable medical billing software for billing companies since the 1990’s. Alongside quality and service, we know that the way that billing software is priced impacts a billing company’s bottom line. As a result, our software is licensed with no per-practice or per-provider fees. Additionally, because BrickMed software can be hosted on your own equipment, we can pass savings from lower hosting costs along to you. So, lower hosting costs mean lower monthly fees.

Medical billing software for billing companies may at first glance seem to require the same functionality as software designed for in-house use in medical practices. Though this is true for many features, there are important ways the needs of a billing company differ:


Billing companies deal with a much larger variety of customer reporting requests. BrickMed Office includes over 1,200 reports and report variants. We put billing companies in a position to better respond to customer inquiries as partners in the success of providers’ businesses.

Multiple Practices

As a billing company, you have a need to work with multiple practice databases. That can mean limiting user access to specific accounts or providing different levels of access on a per-practice basis. Because our software is not licensed on a per-practice or per-provider basis, you are free to add and manage them as needed. With the optional BrickMed Office Code Replication Module, you can even replicate master code tables from a master list into multiple practice databases. Centralized code maintenance across dozens of groups can be a real time-saver for a busy center.

Flexible Electronic Data Interchange

The BrickMed Sync Module can support multiple simultaneous outbound demographics and inbound charge capture interfaces to several different EHR solutions. As a result, billing centers get the opportunity to potentially accommodate distinct EHR choices across different customers.

Pricing Model

The BrickMed Office pricing model is fair to both billing companies and providers. Specifically, it scales with staffing levels and required functionality- not with provider count. So, on average, smaller companies benefit from high end features at low prices while larger organizations with more advanced needs pay a bit more. We encourage you to total your current and projected provider and group count, number of users, and request a quote. You’ll be impressed by how far your dollar can stretch on a per-provider basis. As a BrickMed customer, you’ll find that low per-provider cost doesn’t mean sacrificing software and service quality.

We Don’t Compete With You

Many companies that produce medical billing software for billing companies themselves offer medical billing and revenue cycle management services. Unfortunately, this puts them in direct competition with billing companies that use their software and creates a conflict of interest. BrickMed is dedicated to supporting the work of billing companies and the value they provide to their customers- not to competing with them.

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