Make Front Desk Revenue Flow with
Schedula™ Patient Scheduling Software

Schedula™ Patient Scheduling software is designed for efficient, high-speed healthcare appointment management by multiple users. Efficiently schedule and maintain one-time and recurring patient appointments for any number of resources.

Does your front desk have the tools to support a healthy cash flow?

Poor schedule management hurts revenue. More than great scheduling software, Schedula is a tool for front desk revenue capture, charge reconciliation, eligibility checking, and more…

Benefit from:

  • Unlimited Providers and Resources
  • Unlimited Views
  • Schedule for Multiple Locations
  • Customizable Time Intervals
  • Customize Appointment Types‘ Duration, Color, etc.
  • Custom Color Views based on Status, Referring Physician, and more
  • Reserved Times for Specific Appointment Types
  • Powerful Recurring Appointment Series Management
  • Find Available Times Quickly in a Busy Schedule
  • Know who did what with an Appointment Audit Trail
  • Pop-up Patient Alerts
  • Integrated Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification (requires subscription to service and Internet access)
  • Print Chart, Address, and Lab Requisition Labels, as well as Appointment Cards (Dymo Labelwriter required)
  • Privacy Button – Hide patient information when unauthorized individuals are present for HIPAA compliance
  • Appointment Data Export to telephone reminder systems
  • Generate Patient Letters with Microsoft Word Mailmerge (Microsoft Office must be installed)
Schedula™ Patient Scheduling software is included withBrickMed Office and is also available as a stand-alone product.

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