Meaningfully Useful Anesthesia Billing Software

You’ve come to the realization that the health of your practice isn’t built on the economies of EHR incentives- it’s built on the productivity of your providers. What you need is anesthesia billing software with integrated scheduling that is meaningfully useful and built for the needs of your practice. We can help.

Schedule Anesthesia

What does your schedule have in common with an office-based patient schedule? Not much. BrickMed Schedula™ is built to free your staff from spreadsheets and give you the control, tracking, and accessibility anesthesia practices need.

Anesthesia Billing

Capture the details of a payor unit formula once on a flexible and easy-to-understand setup screen and go right back to posting charges in seconds. No calculators. No “cheat sheets”. No mixing up formulas. … anesthesia billing the way it should be.

Post Charges Quickly!

BrickMed™ Anesthesia Billing makes posting an anesthesia charge and quality (e.g., MIPS CQM) codes nearly as fast as posting a simple office visit! In most scenarios, encounters can be posted by selecting an anesthesia procedure and simply entering a start and end time.

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