Portrait of a pretty customer agent at work

It’s easy to be our customer

Judging from the difference between the marketing slicks and reality at most practice management software companies, words come cheap. The cost to your practice of unresponsive service is much higher, unfortunately. At BrickMed, customer service is not just a bullet on a web page — we have a top-down service culture that begins with management and charges every part of the company with a sense of responsibility for taking ownership of customer requests and addressing them fast.

Don’t take our word for it — call the BrickMed Customer Service Section at 305-774-0081 and see for yourself. Our customers tell us every day that they’ve never experienced support like ours — some even send chocolate and whoopie pies!

Support Benefits

  • Fast, Knowledgeable U.S.-Based Support
  • Dozens of Updates Per Year
  • Industry-Leading Responsiveness
  • Did we mention our support is Amazing?!