Fast, Proven, Easy-to-Use Healthcare Billing Software

World-Class Service and Over Twenty Years of Healthcare Billing Software Evolution       With an average of over fifty updates a year for well over a decade, we continuously focus on your productivity and  effectiveness in light of an ever-changing medical billing landscape. From small cosmetic practices to large, busy billing centers, our billing software has been optimized to simplify, streamline and organize your billing and collection processes from check-in to collections and every step along the way.

Empower Your Front Desk

Looking at most healthcare billing and practice management software, you’d be tempted to think that the responsibilities of the front desk ended at scheduling. If only that were true. Whether your patients are lined up three-deep checking in and  want to confirm deductibles and eligibility,  purchasing cosmeceuticals with a credit card on the way out the door, or on the phone wondering whether that next appointment is Tuesday or Wednesday (or all of the above at the same time!), you need a front-desk solution that is easy-to-use and keystroke-quick. From bar code scanning to integrated credit-card processing, integrated eligibility features and receipt generation, we understand that life at the front desk is dynamic, interrupt-driven and multi-faceted. Down to the smallest detail, BrickMed™ Office is designed to help you keep up- easily and painlessly!

Power and Ease –  Insurance Billing, Posting, and Collections For the Real World

We’re still working on figuring out how companies selling “fire-and-forget” integrated EMR/healthcare billing software and telling providers to save money by firing their billing departments are avoiding mob violence.  Steel doors and good attorneys?  It’s hard to say. This much we do know: Providers need good billers and billers need great software. Unfortunately, most solutions don’t reflect the demands of all the distinct jobs a healthcare billing department must undertake to optimize the practice’s revenue stream. Whether  claim scrubbing at charge post time,  speeding batch e-claim generation, highlighting payments for appeal or priotitizing collections activity- BrickMed™ Office is designed to easily and efficiently support your biller’s efficiency- no matter which hat(s)  he or she is wearing today!

Great Reporting, No MBA Required

A Bird’s-Eye View of Your Practice, Made Simple Powerful, fast reporting is the key to keeping your finger on the pulse of your practice. From determining provider productivity and assessing your receivables on the one hand to to grading payer performance and supporting contract negotiations on the other, you need a system that can give you the answers to your important business questions in seconds without the need to become a report design expert. With over five hundred distinct reports (over nine hundred if your count variations!) driven by real-world requirements and a great, easy-to-use tool for managing lists of favorites, BrickMed™ Office gives you extraordinary reporting flexibility without the need for a PhD in report design!