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Budget vs. The Need for UB-04 and 837I Features

Many smaller organizations have a need to submit institutional-style claims. These can range from the small single-suite ASC (ambulatory surgery center) to rural health clinics. For many, UB-04 paper claims and/or 837I electronic claims must not only be submitted to payors, but (as in the case of Article 28 organizations in New York) to government regulatory bodies.

The Need for Flexible Institutional Claims Pricing

Unfortunately, this need has historically left smaller institutional providers little choice but to pay “hospital prices” for solutions aimed at organizations with much larger budgets. As we continue to invest in expanding our suite of solutions for institutional billing with the introduction of the BrickMed 837I institutional claims module, we’ve made an important decision regarding pricing for our 837I and UB-04 claim modules. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing powerful yet affordable solutions to providers of all sizes, we have elected to introduce tiered pricing based on organization type and size.

In the weeks to come, BrickMed will be announcing availability of our new 837I institutional electronic claims module along with the new tiered institutional pricing (with the add-on to BrickMed Office starting at under $3,000 for the smallest providers). This represents a commitment to addressing the needs and budgets of small providers, institutional and otherwise, even as we introduce offerings that challenge the highest-priced billing and practice management solutions in the healthcare industry. We haven’t forgotten, as we continue to grow, that our company was built on the loyalty of small practices.