Need to Handle UB-04 Billing But Lacking a Million-Dollar IT Budget?

Get the BrickMed™ Office UB-04 add-on for just $995!. Many outpatient practices, whether running an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or submitting specialized mental health claims in outpatient indigent care settings, need to submit institutional-style UB-04 (paper) or 837I (electronic) claims in addition to professional format claims.  Unfortunately, many systems capable of producing institutional-style claims are aimed at, well, companies with “institutional-sized budgets”. Happily, the Brickell Medical Office UB-04 Billing Module brings easy-to-use institutional claims within reach of even the smallest practices and billing centers. When combined with optional EDI services from GatewayEDI or others, UB-04 claims can even be mapped to 837I format for submission electronically to many payers.

No Need To Manage and Learn Two Billing Systems

Some billers find the prospect of doing UB-04 billing intimidating. If you’re one of them, we have good news: our UB-04 Billing Module spares you from the need to learn to use a separate billing system (or even a different part of the system) for institutional-style claims. Posting an institutional claim in Brickell Medical Office is accomplished through the same easy-to-use screens- just like posting a professional claim, with the added option to fill in necessary fields specific to  UB-04. At the end of the day, generating your UB-04 claims is as simple as running one more batch right where you generate your CMS-1500 claims. Click. Done. It couldn’t be easier!