Tired of the Inflexibility of Pre-Printed Superbills?

Update Your Superbill at the Speed of Thought Buying pre-printed superbills thousands at a time is, more than just expensive- inflexible.  What if you decide it would be nice to add a procedure code half-way through the first ream? Or perhaps change the layout of the page altogether based on a provider request? With on-demand superbill printing you have the flexibility to update your superbill design on the fly for nothing more than the cost of the moments it takes to do so. For added flexibility, Brickell Medical Office and Brickell Scheduler™ Pro offer you two different choices for easily defining your superbill layout. You can either user our simple three-column editor with a convenient pre-defined header and footer, or for maximum  flexibility use Microsoft Word with 255 patient-related fields to choose from for customization (including carrier and balance information, to name but two examples).

Painless Superbill Reconciliation

Although many insurance-focused practices have historically elected not to track superbills against postings, many others wish they could implement tighter superbill controls (especially in times of increasing self-pay activity) but lack a system that provides fast, efficient, and practical way to manage the problem of missing/unposted tickets. Whether simply reporting on missing tickets or- for practices that choose not to strictly require ticket numbers at posting time- reporting on postings that are missing ticket numbers, we give you the tools you need to simply and easily implement superbill tracking that is appropriate to your business.

Pass on Paper with the Optional e-Superbill Module

Interested in making the move to direct, ultra-efficient provider encounter posting while retaining the ability for billers to review the providers’ entries for coding quality prior to commiting them? The  e-Superbill module (licensed server-wide across all practices and concurrent users for the low price of $995) is just the prescription! The e-Superbill module is designed to address the twin requirements for ultra-simplified encounter capture and coding review in one, easy-to-use, easy-to-configure solution.