Patient Scheduling that’s Easy-to-Use, Lightning-Quick and Customizable

Medical Schedule on Keyboard
Every Practice is Different. Schedula™ by BrickMed is Scheduling Software Designed to Address Your Needs.
Do your providers schedule sparsely or does finding an available time find you searching through days on-end? Have a provider who likes to limit the number of new patients per day? Is managing overbookings getting out-of-hand? Need to know who rescheduled a patient’s appointment? Are the realities of real-world recurring appointment management slowing down your staff? Making life easier (and more efficient) at the front desk or at your call center takes more than just a glorified on-screen calendar. BrickMed Schedula™ is the distilation of nearly twenty years’ experience and feedback helping practices make the often-hectic front desk environment run smooth-as-silk- even on the busiest days.

A Color for Every Occasion
Whether you’re scheduling for a large multi-specialty group or a sole provider, the ability to easily create views that are task-focused turns your schedule into a tool for more easily and efficiently managing your practice. Appointment colors are based on the appointment’s type (office visit, new patient consult, etc.) by default, but the ability to create custom-colored views means that the rich information and relationships captured in your schedule can finally be unleashed, with the click of a button, to help staff members do their jobs more easily without having to turn to unwieldy reports and data entry. Imagine a “Daily Confirmation/Charge Status View” based on appointment status (great for managing confirmations, posting charges from the schedule, or identifying walk-outs that need to be called at a glance) or even coloring views based on an appointment’s custom user-defined code to capture patient or provider preferences. The possibilities for having a variety of easy-to-use views at your fingertips are endless…

What You See is What You Like
When each member of the staff opens the schedule, she or he almost certainly develops preferences over time with respect to what resources appear, the default time interval displayed, or the day start and end time. A provider who only works mornings Tuesdays and Thursdays may favor a single-provider, two-day-a-week view that only shows mornings with a fifteen minute interval on opening the schedule, whereas a front desk staff member may favor a single-day all-provider view that spans the office’s hours and has status-based coloring. With Brickell Scheduler™, you don’t have to live with a one-size-fits-all view of your appointments.