Patient Reminders Save Time

Patients appreciate reminder calls, but routine patient calls can easily overload your already-busy staff members and eat into time that should be spent working with patients in-office, billing, managing authorizations, or addressing many other high-value, high-priority needs that place demands on their time. BrickMed Schedula™ offers built-in support for export of appointment data to ReminderPro™ from inPhonite and other third-party patient reminder solutions.

Prevent Costly No-Shows

No-shows can easily cost your practice thousands of dollars a year. Patients who receive reminder calls are far more likely to meet appointment commitments or notify you of a need to reschedule, allowing you to make better use of your practices most valuable resource- your providers’ time.  ReminderPro™ calls customers with friendly appointment reminders and important information. Customers appreciate the service and you gain control over your daily schedule.

Communicate Consistently

By keeping track of calls that are busy or unanswered,  solutions such as ReminderPro™ can consistently make follow-on communication attempts. Appointment reminder solutions can place calls after hours when your customers are more likely to be at home and receive your call. Unlike human callers, automated reminder solutions are not distracted by other tasks, so you can rest assured that all all calls will be attempted and documented. What’s more, instant detailed reports provide a valuable audit trail of customer contacts.