Want to Synchronize Appointments with Microsoft Outlook or Secure Portable Devices?

The optional BrickMed Schedula™ Outlook® Appointment Sync Module allows you to synchronize select appointment data with the Microsoft Outlook® calendar on your desktop or in Microsoft® Exchange®.  You get to choose how many or how few of the supported appointment data fields are synchronized with Outlook® so that you are always afforded the control you need to address your patient confidentiality and security requirements relating to the storage of information in Outlook® or on synchronized devices.

Security First: Outlook as a Gateway to Other Synchronized Solutions and Devices

The vast variety of solutions-from handheld devices to cell phones to online calendaring systems- that can synchronize with Microsoft® Outlook® make it an ideal “Gateway” platform for BrickMed Schedula™. However, leveraging the convenience of portable devices and third-party solutions requires a rigorous end-to-end approach to the securing of sensitive patient data both in-transit and on portable devices themselves.  From assessing encrypted connection security to the security of data-at-rest and devices themselves should they be lost, it is critical that practices extend their HIPAA-related and general security analysis and risk mitigation efforts to portable devices that may themselves house ePHI and/or independently synchronize with Microsoft® Outlook® if appointment data is synchronized to the same. We encourage practices to synchronize the minimum necessary information to provider Outlook® calendars and never synchronize ePHI that they are not in a position to protect to standards that at minimum meet HIPAA, more stringent state laws, and other regulatory requirements where applicable.

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