All the power of BrickMed Schedula™ is included in BrickMed™ Office

See At A Glance Whether All  Visits Have Been Posted – Avoid Lost Revenue

Have you ever wished you could just glance at the schedule at the end of the day and know whether all visits were charged out (in addition to which were no-shows)? The fastest way to capture charges in BrickMed™ Office is via the scheduler. This makes the scheduler a useful tool for both front desk checkout and for quickly confirming that no appointment’s charge was lost in the shuffle.

Run Batch Eligibiity, Copay, and Deductible Checks Right from the Schedule

Efficient eligibility and deductible checking from the schedule can be a great part of improving up-front collection processes by informing patients of their payment options when your staff is in the best position affect their readiness to settle accounts- at the time of appointment confirmation before they walk in the door.

See Patient Balances and Collection Alerts at Check-In

Another great opportunity to encourage patients to address unpaid balances occurs right at the front desk at the moment of check-in. In BrickMed Office, the simple act of clicking on an appointment to mark the patient as checked-in surfaces both patient balances and alerts (including billing alerts) instantly. When combined with convenient integrated credit card, bank transfer (ACH), and check-to-ACH processing, up-front collection of patient balances due couldn’t be easier.