Visit Series™ – Easy Recurring Patient Appointment Scheduling That Really Works!

Running a Therapy Practice?
See Why Many “Recurring Visit” Systems Fall Short

Whether you manage client scheduling for a mental health practice or patient scheduling in a physical therapy office, there are a number of ways that the assumptions built into systems designed to schedule “recurring visits” can fall short in real-world practice settings. From easy appointment counting for the accommodation of authorization limits to fast conflict checking and  exception handling, BrickMed Schedula™ Visit Series™ features make handling therapeutic recurring patient appointment scheduling easy, fast and efficient.

Schedule Perfectly in an Imperfect World

Ideally, every time you wanted to schedule a patient for an hour every Monday and Wednesday at 2 PM for the next twelve weeks, the times would all be open and you might be done. In the real world, there’s a good chance that there will be a scheduling conflict one or another day somewhere along the way because of a one-off appointment. This is just one of the areas where BrickMed Schedula Visit Series™  come to the rescue. Book the first appointment in the set, tell the system to create a Visit Series™, and in seconds you can quickly identify exceptions and make adjustments as needed (say, moving the fourth appointment  to an open 3 PM time slot). You can book the series with a click, confident that you’ve both accommodated the patient and avoided conflicts!

Scheduling Complex Visit Patterns?
It’s a Snap with BrickMed Schedula Visit Series™

Whether booking a simple one-day-a-week pattern or an every-other-week therapy appointment with an extra visit for evaluation at a different time the last Thursday of each month, BrickMed Schedula™ Visit Series™ allow you to quickly and easily assemble your visit sequence and visually confirm availability of all times before committing to the schedule with just a click. What’s more, appointments that are part of a series are easily identifiable in the schedule and- again with just a click- future appointments can be reviewed for deletion in bulk or marked for deletion individually if patient or provider requirements change and new pattern is needed. BrickMed Schedula Visit Series™ make real-world appointment pattern management a snap!