Pop-Up Patient Alerts – Surface Important Patient Information Where and When Needed

Timing is Everything

Have you ever wished that your scheduling staff could be flagged at the time of patient check-in or when placing reminder calls with important non-clinical information that could have an immediate impact on your practice’s profitability?  From collection reminders to do-not-schedule alerts, there’s some information that proves far more valuable when presented to office staff in an unmistakable fashion right at the time of  interaction with the patient.

BrickMed Schedula™ Patient Alerts

The patient alert functionality in BrickMed Schedula™ is at once simple and extraordinarily powerful. Staff can dynamically edit and update the patient alert message as the need arises right from the alert pop-up itself. For example, if an alert pops up indicating that the patient has a $5,000 delinquent balance, and the patient addresses $3,000 of the balance immediately, the staff member capturing the payment can update the alert in place without the need to cancel an old alert, add a new one,  and interrupt his or her workflow. Like the rest of BrickMed Schedula™, the alert system is designed to be simple, practical, and efficient in recognition of the realities facing your busy scheduling staff.