Go Beyond Appointment Lists With Over 70 Powerful Schedule-Based Reports

Patient Schedule Reporting Provide Insight into Your Practice While Making Life Easier for Your Staff

While your staff accomplishes routine tasks quickly and easily as a result of the operational efficiency of BrickMed Schedula™, the system stores a treasure-trove of operational information relating to the scheduling process, no-shows, reasons for cancellations, conversion rates from consultation, and much more- all without placing burdensome data entry demands on the staff. A strong program of patient schedule reporting is also often overlooked as a great source of information in support of inside marketing activities and mailing list generation.

Merge Patient Appointment Data with Microsoft Word

Want to Generate Cards, Letters, and Other Documents from Your Schedule? BrickMed Schedula™ includes support for Microsoft Word mailmerge. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of being able to create document templates-whether reminder cards, no-show letters, or most anything you can dream up- all with the power, flexibility, and familiarity of the most popular word processor when combined with the over 250 merge fields available in BrickMed Schedula™ (Microsoft® Office must be licensed separately for Word mailmerge functionality, but many offices already own the required licenses).

Export Patient Schedule Report to Standard Formats

Want to be able to export appointment data and report results to standard formats like Word, Excel®, RTF and more?  All reports generated by BrickMed Schedula can be exported to a variety of legacy file formats. The detail and aesthetic appeal of each export varies with the original report structure and limitations of the target format, of course, but many administrators appreciate the ability to manipulate data in third-party applications for the purpose of custom document creation.