Knowledge of (a Patient Appointment’s) History is Always a Good Thing

… especially if you’re trying to figure out who decided to override the doctor’s preferences and schedule a follow-up during his new patient consult time, which he’s very particular about… Every action taken that affects an appointment or its status- whether initial scheduling, rescheduling, confirmation, or cancellation- is added to the patient appointment log with a user ID, the type of  action, and a date-time stamp- all viewable with a click! The doctor himself booked it three weeks ago at 8:05 pm on a Tuesday? Sigh.

Want Even More Auditable Detail Regarding an Appointment’s History?

Users with appropriate access even have the ability to view the appointment log to determine key appointment information as it appeared before an appointment was moved or updated,  permitting the reconstruction of an appointment’s history of edits and rescheduling activity.

Address Patient Calls and Pull Up  Appointments Fast with Just a Click!

Two patients checking out, two more checking in, and the phone rings… “I think I have an appointment coming up tomorrow, or maybe it’s Thursday- can you take a look for me?” It happens all the time. With BrickMed Schedula™, calls like this can be cleared in seconds. The first few letters of the patient’s name is usually all it takes, right from your main schedule screen.  What’s more, patient balance, history of cancellations and no-shows, pop-up patient alerts, and  eligibility checking (great for checking deductibles just prior to a visit) are all right at your fingertips as you confirm the visit! We understand that life at the front desk is often hectic and unpredictable- our goal is to provide you with the time-proven tools you need to simplify your job each and every day.