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When you purchase our Brickell Medical     Office software from Brickell Research, you will receive a User’s Manual for every seat-license you  purchase. This way your staff will always have plenty of manuals handy. Should you need more manuals, you can use the On-Line Help which is based on the user manual, or you may order more if you like.  A Scheduler Workbook is also provided to help you plan for the way you wish to set up your scheduler when your trainer arrives on-site. Our software even includes an “Initial Setup Wizard” that remains on your system until you have completed the setup process. Careful thought has been given to help you get the most from your training sessions.

Whether you are purchasing a new system and require initial training, or have new employees and need our help in training them, or if you simply need a refresher course, we provide remote and on-site training services to meet your needs. 

Remote Training:

Using high-speed Internet services and standard telephone equipment, Remote Training has become the most popular form of training new and existing users.   Besides being less expensive than on-site training, it allows us to schedule a series of shorter training sessions based upon the availability of your staff.  These shorter sessions typically increase the information retention of your staff since they are not overloaded with hours of continuous training, which is typical with on-site training.  Once a remote training session is completed, the staff can practice what they have learned or spend some time entering data prior to the next training session, the outcome of this a better understanding of the system and a more effective use of training time.  This cost-effective training method is offered at an hourly rate.  Call your Brickell Research representative for a price estimate.

On-Site Training:

Our on-site training services are offered to our clients within the United States.  A qualified trainer will assist you in configuring your software, and train your staff on the use of our practice management and/or scheduling software.  On-site training is an optional component available to offices that prefer the presence of an actual person rather than training remotely.  On-site training must be scheduled at least 3 weeks ahead of time, and it is typically offered as a 2 day package. Call your Brickell Research representative for a price estimate.

Training Seminar:

On occasion, Brickell Research offers training seminars at our corporate offices in Miami, Florida. These seminars are presented as “refresher” courses. One of the benefits our seminars provide is the unique group interaction and synergy that often leads to new perspectives on ways to use our software.


If you any comments or questions concerning training, or would like more information, call (305) 774-0081, or use our feedback form.


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