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Brickell Research is a software development firm specializing in the healthcare market. Our software products range from specialized medical applications to medical office automation and billing systems.

Founded in 1991, Brickell Research was one of the first in its industry to introduce a Microsoft Windows practice management solution.  The company was built upon a solid foundation of experience in engineering and consulting services to healthcare and business.  Our products, providing usable features ranging from clinical records to collections, are a reflection of the strength of communications between our company and our clients.  From the start we have striven to be much more than just another software company…

Our goal as a company has been to grow by aligning our interests with those of our customers.  It is a simple idea.  We are not just here to develop software, we are here to help your business.  As running your practice efficiently becomes increasingly critical, associating with experienced and supportive partners is crucial.

We pride ourselves in taking the longer view and placing our relationships with our clients before quarterly sales goals.  In an industry where sales pitches are common and sound advice rare, many of our clients have come to us after a history of negative experiences with medical software vendors.  If we earnestly believe our services and/or technology can be of benefit to you, we will let you know.  If not, we will happily do our best to point you in the right direction.


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