Press Release – 9/27/2001


Brickell Medical Office and Brickell Scheduler Terminal Server Editions

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is today announcing its Terminal Server Edition (TSE) of Brickell Medical Office and Brickell Scheduler/Scheduler Pro.  Licensed and tailored for users with Terminal Server technology, the TSE version of our popular software packages provides several benefits.

  1. It allows users to efficiently remotely access our software from satellite offices.
  2. It provides a more stable and robust environment regardless of dropped network connections, which significantly reduces the chances of data corruption.
  3. Since Brickell’s TSE software licenses are priced per simultaneous users, instead of per seat, some offices may be able to leverage this pricing structure to their favorl
  4. It allows users to keep using their older Windows-based computers as workstations without having to upgrade them as often.

Brickell’s TSE software is priced at 25% higher than our original software pricing.

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