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Brickell™ Scheduler

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is  announcing Brickell™ Scheduler, a Windows-based appointment scheduler for medical practices.  This scheduler allows multiple users on a network to schedule and maintain appointments for any number of resources.  (Resources can be physicians, therapists, assistants, exam rooms, treatment rooms, operating rooms, equipment, etc.)

Users can create customized “Views” which are user-definable selections of resources along with how they are to be displayed, thus allowing individual users to focus on the resources they are responsible for.  This feature is just one of the many powerful features found in this new feature-rich scheduler.

Features include:

  • Unlimited Number of Resources!
  • Unlimited Number of Views!
  • Available Hours can be defined for each Individual Resource!
  • View Multiple Resources on a given Day or view a single resource over any number of Days!
  • Supports Multiple Locations!
  • Dynamic View Interval Selection – allows the user to instantly change the minute intervals on any given view!
  • Built-in Navigational Calendar – takes you to a single date with the click of a mouse button!
  • User Definable Appointment Types!
  • User Definable Default Colors for Appointment Types
  • Reserve Time Slots for Specific Appointment Types!
  • Copy or Move Appointments via Keyboard Shortcuts or Mouse!
  • User Definable viewing information per Appointment Slot!
  • Confirmation, Reason, and Subject Fields with Drop-Down Selection Lists
  • Fast and Powerful Next Available Appointment Slot Searching!
  • Appointment Creation/Modification/Deletion Audit Trail
  • Block Out Sections of Time
  • Powerful Point-and-Click Interface for Ease-of-Use and increased Productivity!

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