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Brickell Medical Office X1

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is today announcing Brickell Medical Office Version X1 medical practice management software.

The latest incarnation of the company’s comprehensive practice managemen and scheduling suite boasts a number of novel features and new enhancements, including:

  • Auto-Extending Patient Ledger – Re-sizes itself to support higher resolution displays
  • Patient Ledger Color Scheme – Transactions are now shown in a “softer” default color scheme
  • Support for Custom Color-Coded Transactions in the Patient Ledger
  • Auto-Extending Batch Payment Form – Re-sizes itself to support higher resolution displays
  • Support for Appointment Series  (series of recurring appointments)
  • Report Generator now features an enhanced organization with report descriptions
  • New Appointment Tracking Features (Detailed Status Log, Moved Appointment and Moved Appointment Limit Reports)
  • New Reports added to Report Generator
  • New Reports added to Scheduler
  • NPI lookup buttons added to Physician, Referring Physician, and Office Account Codes.  (Internet access required)
  • Our optional Interest Module has been enhanced to support Fixed Fee Finance Charges
  • Our optional Code Replication Module now allows user to search for patients across multiple databases by Last Name, First Name, DOB, or SSN

Concurrent with the release of its latest practice management solution, the company is announcing the release of Brickell Scheduler X1 (its medical resource scheduling solution), Brickell Scheduler Pro X1 (a combining the scheduling, “lite”-EMR, superbill, and Microsoft Word mail merge features), and a number of interfaces to third-party software products based on the HL7 messaging standard.

Founded in 1991, Brickell Research develops, markets, and supports Windows-based medical practice management and scheduling software.

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