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Brickell™ Reporting Station

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is announcing the Brickell™ Reporting Station for use with Brickell Medical Office™ and Brickell™ Scheduler and Scheduler Pro.     

As your practice grows, your Practice Management or Scheduling database grows too.

As your practice grows, the number of users using your Practice Management or Scheduling System grows too.

In a typical office with a large database and multiple users, running a resource-intensive report can slow your system down.

Your database contains a wealth of information.  Frequent analysis of this data plays an important role in the understanding and proper management of your practice.  Pulling multiple resource-intensive reports throughout the day can slow other users down.  What’s needed is a way to provide reporting capabilities without affecting the performance of your server.

Introducing the Brickell™ Reporting Station!

  • After a day’s work, the Brickell™ Reporting Station replicates your database(s) to a Reporting Server, where they are stored independently of your main server.  (For single-user reporting, the Reporting Server can be a simple workstation.)

  • The next day, you can use your Brickell™ Reporting Station to run reports without affecting the performance of your main server!

The Brickell™ Reporting Station allows you to run the reports from your Report Generator and includes View-Only Scheduler access to pull scheduling reports.

The Brickell™ Reporting Station is priced at $1995 which includes a Reporting Server License + 1 Reporting Station License.  Additional Reporting Station Licenses are available at $395, when the Reporting Server is installed on a Terminal Server.


Founded in 1991, Brickell Research develops, markets, and supports Windows-based medical practice management and scheduling software.

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