Press Release – 5/1/1998


CosMedic™ Software Alliance

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida; In/Form Software of San Diego, California; and United Imaging of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is announcing the formation of the “CosMedic™ Software Alliance”.

Cosmetic medical practices such as plastic surgery and dermatology practices have specific needs that are addressed by several different software packages.  The companies from the CosMedic Software Alliance have linked their software products together to form a powerful office suite that addresses the needs of cosmetic medical practices.

The CosMedic Office Suite includes:

From In/Form Software:

  • Marketing & Lead Tracking
  • Patient Education & Practice Enhancement

From Brickell Research:

  • Scheduling & Billiing
  • Patient Medical Records

From United Imaging:

  • Pre & Post Op Imaging
  • Laser Simulation, Hair Replacement Simulation, & Morphing

All or any combination of these products can be linked together so you only have to enter patient information once!

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