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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is today announcing Brickell Medical Office Version 10 medical practice management software.


The latest incarnation of the company’s comprehensive practice management and scheduling suite boasts a number of novel features and new enhancements, including:

  • Support for NPI
  • Support for new CMS-1500 (08-05) health insurance claim form
  • Dymo Labelwriter support added to the Patient Mailing List Wizard
  • Enhanced Security features such as:
    • Option for “Force Logout when Screen Saver is Active”
    • Access to the Patient Information form can now be None, View, or Full
    • Usage Log entries now include additional information such as changes or deletions to Patient Alerts or HIPAA memos, as well as, Scheduler Blocks
  • Claim File Manager added for tracking Electronic or Print Image Claims
  • Global Period Indicator added to the Appointment Detail form
  • Access Status Change Log from Appointment Detail form
  • Remote Support now available from the Menu Bar’s Help selection
  • Enhanced Tickler form now contains tabs and sorting features
  • Our optional ANSI Eclaims Module has been enhanced to support the NPI and support for the RX Order #

Concurrent with the release of its latest practice management solution, the company is announcing the release of Brickell Scheduler 10 (its medical resource scheduling solution), Brickell Scheduler Pro 10 (a solution combining the scheduling, EMR, superbill, and Microsoft Word mail merge features), and a number of interfaces to third-party software products based on the HL7 messaging standard.

Founded in 1991, Brickell Research develops, markets, and supports Windows-based medical practice management and scheduling software.

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