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Marketing Analysis Module

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is today announcing a new software module for use with Brickell Medical Office, designed for medical practices that place heavy emphasis on marketing.

Throughout the years Brickell Research has become an industry leader in developing and deploying practice management software to cosmetic surgery & dermatology practices. As part of the company’s commitment to maintaining its lead in this market segment, Brickell Research announces its new Marketing Analysis Module.

This module allows users to track marketing expenses, referral sources, analyze how much money is generated by referral sources, and how much it’s costing to generate each referral. Included are several marketing related reports and a graphical analyzer to visually illustrate marketing related issues pertaining to your practice.

The focus of this module is to help medical practices that participate in patient lead generation through advertising and other marketing techniques, to better understand the effectiveness of this side of the business. Unlike the most medical specialties, marketing is a common trait among many cosmetic medical practices and is therefore ignored by most medical office systems.

Other plastic surgery related software modules available for Brickell Medical Office include: the CosMedic Sync Module which synchronizes data between Brickell Medical Office and software from United Imaging and/or Inform Solutions; and the Inventory Module which is used mostly for tracking inventory of cosmetic products.

The Marketing Analysis Module ties the Financial, Billing, and Scheduling side of your practice with the Marketing side. This is just one more reason why Brickell Research has such a long list of satisfied clients in the cosmetic medical marketplace.

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