Press Release – 3/28/2000


Brickell™ Medical Office Version 6.1

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is today announcing Brickell Medical Office 6.1 This medical practice management system provides medical offices with a complete solution to their medical office automation needs.

This version includes Brickell’s famous Scheduler, one of the most powerful medical scheduling applications in the industry.  Also included are transaction posting, statement generation, claim generation, superbills, reports, graphs, referral tracking, recalls, mailinig list wizard, patient ticklers, and other medical billing related functions.

In addition to the scheduling and billing features, Brickell Medical Office Version 6.1 includes clinical records features such as: SOAP Notes, Multimedia Patient Records, Problem List, and Medication List.

Optional modules include: Inventory, Interest, PalmPilot Interface, Lab Records, Direct E-claims, and CosMedic Synchronization.  Note: CosMedic Sync Module allows Brickell software to synchronize data with products from United Imaging and Inform Software.

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