Press Release – 1/20/1998


Brickell Research Announces Link to Inform & Consent

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida, developers of the Brickell Medical Office Windows-based practice management system, are pleased to accounce the Brickell / Inform Link.  Inform & Consent is a highly specialized Windows-based software product tailored to plastic surgery practices.  Inform & Consent generates customized patient instructions (covering over 60 procedures), informed consent forms, and other important documents and form letters associated with a plastic surgery practice. Inform & Consent also generates surgical estimates, and assists in tracking prospective patients. Inform & Consent is developed by Inform Software of San Diego, California.

The new Brickell / Inform Link will allow Brickell Office users which also have Inform & Consent, to bring up a list of Inform & Consent patients, and at the click of a button import their basic demographic information and enter them as Brickell Office patients. This eliminates the need for double data entry!

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