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Brickell / Canfield (Mirror) Sync

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Brickell Research, Inc. of Miami, Florida is today announcing the Brickell / Canfield (Mirror) Sync to link Brickell Medical Office, Brickell Scheduler, or Brickell Scheduler Pro with Mirror Software from Canfield Scientific, Inc. of Fairfield, New Jersey. Canfield Scientific produces a variety of medical imaging products.

The Brickell / Canfield (Mirror) Sync will synchronize patient demographic information between products from Brickell Research and Canfield Scientific, thus eliminating the need for double data entry.  Once a user makes a change to information in the patient demographics on either the Brickell software or the Canfield software, the demographics on the other is also updated automatically.

The Brickell / Canfield (Mirror) Sync is the latest addition to Brickell’s Sync Module offerings, which also include links to Mentor Solutions (Inform), United Imaging (Marketwise), and FrontRange Solutions (GoldMine).

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