Press Release – 1/9/2004

Brickell Medical Office 7.5

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is today announcing Brickell Medical Office Version 7.5 medical practice management software.


Throughout the years Brickell Research has become an industry leader in developing and deploying practice management software for medical practices nationwide.  As part of the company’s commitment to maintaining its lead, Brickell Research announces its new generation of medical practice management software.

New Features in Brickell Medical Office Version 7.5     :

  • New HIPAA-Related Features  
    • HIPAA indicator warns users on patients that haven’t signed their HIPAA agreements. 
    • Automatic logging off if active screen saver is detected or if the user leaves system logged on outside office hours!
    • Optional ANSI Eclaims!
    • Bar Code Support for easy charge entry of bar coded products or procedures.
  • Detail tabs have been added to Procedure, Hospital, Physician, Referring Physician, Responsible Party, Office Account, Payment, Attorney, Carrier Codes, and Security Profiles for easier viewing, editing, and entry.
  • Several New Reports (now  over 300)
  • A New Internet-based Auto-Update Feature!    
    • Allows users to obtain a software update whenever and as often as they desire!
    • Updates are downloaded and installed in 3 easy steps!
    • Requires NO additional open ports on your firewall!
  • New Internet-based Resources now available from the “Help” button!
  • Redesigned License Manager allows you to see how many and which users are currently on the system, and what databases (sites) are in use.
  • Support for LabelWriters has been enhanced with an easy new setup!
  • Enhanced Mail Merge provides better automation during the mail merge process and prevents potential problems from occurring with newer versions of Microsoft Office (such as Office XP).     
  • Patient Information form can be set up to require a value or warn if specific fields are left empty.  Also, default values can be set for any field on this form.
  • New “SALT” (Same As Last Time) button in Charge Entry screen brings up patient previous charges from their last encounter.  Designed for offices where patients come back for the same procedure each time.  (Great for Mental Health or Physician Therapy Practices)
  • Several new tools added to the “Utilities and Tools” section.   

Founded in 1991, Brickell Research develops, markets, and supports Windows-based medical practice management and scheduling software.

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