Press Release – 1/2/2002


Brickell Medical Office Version 7

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Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is today announcing Brickell Medical Office Version 7.

This is Brickell’s latest version of their flagship product, which now includes: Batch Payments, Enhancements to the Statement Generator, A Capitation Write-Off Tool, A Fee Changing Tool, Patient Alerts, Multimedia Patient Records “Folder Mode”, Many New Reports, Custom Colors for Appointment Types, Enhancements to the Collections Module, and more!

With the proper configuration of a Brickell Medical Office Version 7 Server, this version will function as a File Server or a Terminal Server (running Microsoft Terminal Server)! This new version eliminates the previous distinction between our Standard Edition and our Terminal Server Edition. 

This is the first major version update since Version 6.1 was announced on 3/28/2000.

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