Nephrology-Specific Medical Records


Nephrology Records is a Windows-based software module specifically designed for Nephrologists who wish to maintain their notes and records on-line. Powerful reports and graphs can assist the Nephrologist in properly diagnosing patients. Graphs can be generated as visual aids when explaining to patients.


  • Tracks: Creatinine, BUN, Na, Cl, CO2, K, Ca, P, Albumin, HCT, Creatinine Clearance, 24 hr. Protein, 24 hr. Urine Volume, 24 hr. Urine Urea Nitrogen, Urine Creatinine, Uric Acid, Glucose,     Weight, and HNSAg. Other lab items can be added using the built-in lab profile editor.
  • Lab reports can be printed, directly faxed, sent via e-mail, and/or viewed on the screen, right from your computer.
  • Lab reports can be exported to popular word processors, spreadsheets and other applications.
  • Warns the user when critical limits pertaining to specific lab values have been reached or exceeded. (L, LL, H, and HH limits are all user-definable)
  • The Nephrology Records module is a pre-configured Lab Records module that requires the use of Brickell Medical Office or Brickell Scheduler Pro
  • Our complete practice management system from nephrologists includes features such as:
    • Appointment Scheduling – Schedule appointments for doctors,  staff, equipment, and rooms.
    • Nephrology Records Module (see description above)
    • Insurance  Billing – paper and electronic billing
    • Patient Billing – generate patient statements
    • Pop-Up Patient Alerts in Scheduler and Billing parts of the software.
    • Multimedia Patient Records – Keep online individual patient folders for storing images such as scanned documents, photographs, word documents, etc.
    • SOAP Notes – Progress Notes based on Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan templates.
    • Problem List
    • Medicine Sheet and Prescription Tracker
    • Optional ANSI 837 Electronic Claims
    • Optional ANSI 835 Electronic Remittance
    • Practice Analysis & Management Reporting (over 500 reports!)
    • HIPAA Compliance Features
    • Collections Module – Tracking of Collections.
    • Referral Tracking System
    • Generation and Tracking of Superbills
    • HL7 Sync – Link to EMR Systems from many different vendors.
    • Outlook Sync Module – Sync appointments to Microsoft Outlook and Smartphones.
    • and More…  (see full description of the Brickell Medical Office)


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Last Update:  10/1/2009

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