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Direct NSF ANSI E-Claims Module – This module directly sends electronic claims transmissions to Medicare, Medicaid, and any other carrier that uses the NSF or the HIPAA mandated ANSI format. This module may require a brief period of certification testing before transmissions are accepted by Medicare and/or Medicaid. This module is only available for use in certain states.

Interest Module – This module is designed for offices wishing to accrue interest on delinquent accounts (typically where no insurance is involved). This module is intended for cosmetic surgeons.

Inventory Module – This module keeps track of inventory items, primary and secondary sources, and alerts user to low inventory amounts and re-order amounts. Tracks cost of parts with shipping & handling averaging – for use in cost-related reporting.

Lab Records Module – This module keeps track of patient lab records.  It can be set to alert users when critical limits are exceeded for any lab item.  Numerical lab data can be graphed at the click of a button,  This module can be configured to handle various medical specialties.

Outlook / Palmtop Interface – This module allows you load Microsoft Outlook, Palm Organizers, and Pocket PCs with appointments from Brickell’s Scheduler.  Requires Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher.

Marketing Analysis Module – For practices that utilize proactive marketing techniques, this allows users to track marketing expenses, referral sources, analyze how much money is generated by referral sources, and how much it’s costing to generate each referral.

Quote Generator – This module is for practices that need to generate estimates for patients.

Inform Sync – This module is used to synchronize patient demographics with Inform & Enhance from Inform Solutions.

United Sync – This module is used to synchronize patient demographics with products from United Imaging.

Canfield Mirror Sync – This module is used to synchronize patient demographics with products from Canfield Scientific (Mirror).

HL7 Sync – This module is used to synchronize patient demographics to other products that the support HL7 interface.

GoldMine Sync – This module is used to synchronize patient demographics with GoldMine 5.0     from FrontRange Solutions. Click here to see product certification.

Electronic Remittance Module – This module is used for receiving electronic remittance from Medicare or other insurance carrier(s) that offer ANSI format remittance.  Once an office transmits their direct electronic claims using our NSF Electronic Claims Module, they can then obtain remittance information which this module automatically sets up as a payment batch for the billing person to review and post.

Code Replication Module –  Designed for use by billing companies that have multiple databases (sites), and wish to synchronize specific code tables to a master set.

Anesthesia Billing Module – This module allows you to bill for anesthesia-related procedures whereby specific conditions and billing requirements involving units of time are properly addressed.  Click here for more information.

PocketBMO  – Wireless Data Access Module for PocketPCs.   

Electronic Superbill Module – This module allows users to enter encounter information into the system.  This information can be printed out or electronically transferred to the Charge Entry screen at the click of a button!

UB-92 / UB-04 Module – Designed for offices that require printing on UB-92 and UB-04 forms for outpatient billing.


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