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 Report Generator

  • Brickell™ Medical Office generates may powerful reports and colorful graphs!
    • Laser Printers are supported by our Report Generator
    • Color Printers are supported!
    • Patient Mailing List Wizard – Generates mailing labels, word mail merges, patient lists, and email lists according to user specified search criteria.  A great tool for generating lists of patients for many different purposes!
    • The Report Generator in Brickell Medical Office provides you with over 500 reports to choose from, including:
      • Patient Ledger Analysis
      • Unresolved Carriers
      • Procedure Analysis
      • Diagnosis Analysis
      • Aged A/R Balance
      • Transaction Auditing Reports
      • Business Analysis Reports
      • And more…
    • Build Lists of Commonly Used Reports to Organize your Favorite Reports for Quick & Easy Access
    • A brief description of each report is shown when a report is highlighted to aid the user in understanding the report
    • Reports are conveniently organized into groups
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, Word, and other file types

Other Reporting Tools

  • The Scheduler Reports
    • Many Appointment Reports are  available from our Scheduler
    • The Scheduler Reports are generated based on Flexible Reporting Criteria specified by the User
    • For more information on the Scheduler, check out the Brickell Scheduler
  • Security Reports
    • Several Reports to track and analyze user activity are available from the Security Manager
  • Module Reports
    • Some of our Optional Modules include even more reports:
      • Inventory Module
      • Marketing Analysis Module
      • Interest Module
      • Quote Generator

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