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Patient Statements

Statement Features

  • Generates Patient Statements and Walkout Statements
  • Generate Statements One-at-a-Time or in Batches
  • Generate Statements One-at-a-Time or in Batches
  • Built-in Support for Electronic Statements via Clearinghouses
  • Many Configuration Options and Selection Criteria to Choose from
  • Generate Mailing Labels for your Statements or use Windowed Envelopes
  • System Logs each Statement Generated
  • Statement Batches are also Logged Showing the Options and Selection Criteria Used
  • Statement Messages can be Defined Depending on Charge Aging
  • 3 Levels of Statement Messages allow you to “Tone” your Messages Differently or Support Other Languages Depending on the Patient
  • Supports Individualized Transaction Notes to be Included on Statements at the Discretion of the Biller


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