Brickell™ Medical Office

Insurance Billing

Batch Payment Screen

  • A Powerful and Mature  Insurance Billing System used by Billing Companies and Medical Offices Nationwide!
  • Print on CMS-1500 (08-05) Claim Forms or Transmit Claims Electronically
    • Built-in Support for Electronic Claims Submission via Print Images to Clearinghouses
    • Pre-Billing Report allows you to see what Claims will be Generated before you Generate them
    • HIPAA Compliant ANSI 837 Direct Electronic Claim Transmission and ANSI 835 Remittance Modules Available!
  • UB-04 Outpatient Billing Module Available
  • Includes Features to Properly Handle Workman’s Comp Billing
  • Intelligent Billing Assistance
    • Brickell™ Medical Office comes with a series of features designed to assist the user when posting transactions
  • Keeps track of patient’s carrier history and bills proper carrier when resubmitting old claims
  • Integrated  Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification (requires subscription to service and Internet access)
  • S.A.L.T. – “Same As Last Time” billing lets you bill for the same procedures & diagnosis used on the patient’s last visit
  • Optional Anesthesia Billing Module is available.
  • Batch Payment Feature for Offices with Heavy Insurance Billing
  • Batch Payment form automatically extends itself to support higher
    resolution displays

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