Brickell™ Medical Office

System Accounting Features

  • Handles accounts for multiple offices (or profit centers)
  • Line Item Accounting
  • Tracks: Patient Balance, Initial Balance, and Insurance Balance for each Patient
  • Line Item Claim Resubmission
  • Ledger Style Transaction Management makes it both intuitive and easy-to-use when posting Charges, Payments, and Adjustments
  • Ability to post a Co-payment directly on the Charge Entry Screen
  • Handles Medical and Retail Charges
  • Batch Tracking – Transaction Batching for the Tracking of Payment Sets, EOB’s, Charge Entry Sessions, and other Sets of Related Transactions
  • Ability to Handle Multiple Databases at No Additional Charge  (one of the reasons our software has become very popular among professional billing companies)
  • Patient Ledger automatically extends itself to support higher resolution displays

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Last Update: 7/21/2009

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