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Brickell Medical Office is popular among billing companies.  One of the reasons is Brickell’s per user pricing.  Many software companies charge you for the number of physicians you bill for, while others charge you for the number of databases you work on.  It doesn’t matter if you’re billing for 2 practices or 50, the price of Brickell Medical Office is fixed and varies only by the number user licenses and optional modules!

Important Features for Billing Companies:

  • Paper and Print Image Claim Generation – Supports CMS-1500 Claim Forms
  • ANSI 837 Electronic Claims  – Send claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, clearinghouses, and others
  • ANSI 835 Electronic Remittance  – Receive remittance information and automatically setup a payment batch for review and posting
  • Patient Billing – Generate patient statements periodically (paper or electronically via clearinghouse)
  • System Accounting Features – Line item accounting.  Line item resubmission of claims.  Batch tracking.  Handles accounts for multiple offices.
  • Patient Ledger and Batch Payment Forms – Automatically extends themselves based on your screen resolution, enabling higher productivity on larger monitors
  • Practice Analysis & Management Reporting – Over 500 reports.  Export reports to Excel, Word, and other files types.
  • Collections Module – Track collection activity and streamline the collections process
  • Referral Tracking System – Referral tracking for specialists and primary care physician
  • UB-04 Outpatient Billing – Supports UB-04 Claim Form
  • Anesthesia Billing – Handles specific conditions and billing requirements involving units of time common to anesthesia billing
  • Code Replication – Designed for billing companies to synchronize a master set of specific code tables across multiple databases
  • Patient Finding – Find patients within a database or across multiple databases (multiple clients)
  • Security – Restrict or grant access to various features.  Track system usage.  Limit access to all or specific reports
  • Administrator’s DesktopOffers Financials at a Glance, Security Reporting, and Quality Assurance Reporting (catch posting errors before they become problems!)
  • Appointment Scheduling – Billing companies can provide scheduler functionality to the their clients as a service for additional revenue
  • Integrated Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification (requires subscription to service and Internet access)
  • HL7 Interface – Synchronize data to other software applications (such as third party Electronic Medical Records (EMR) products)
  • HIPAA Compliance Features
  • Report-Only and Report Plus Modules available for economically providing billing companies the ability to give their clients access to their data online
  • No Fees per Additional Databases or Providers!

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