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  • Press Release – 22 October 2010

    Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

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    Brickell Research of Miami, Florida is announcing Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification for use with BrickMed™ Office and Brickell™

Eligibility Verification

  • Scheduler and Scheduler Pro.
  • Did you know that eligibility is the number one reason for claim rejections?

Our new Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification feature can help you avoid claim rejections, thus improving your Revenue Cycle!

In an effort to improve our client’s revenue cycle, we have added Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification functionality to all of our current product lines as a standard feature.  It provides integrated electronic insurance eligibility verification for a given patient or for a batch of scheduled patients.  Accurately capturing insurance eligibility information at the front desk is an essential component toward improving your practice’s revenue cycle.  Dealing with incorrect or missing insurance information in the back office, rather than the front desk, can be more time consuming and costly.   Real-time electronic insurance eligibility verification can now be performed from within the Brickell software at the front-desk or anywhere else in the office.

To use this feature the user must enroll in Gateway EDI’s Eligibility Service.  While Gateway EDI is an excellent electronic claims clearinghouse (and the only one officially endorsed by Brickell Research), you do not have to use them as your clearinghouse to enroll in  this service.  While this feature is available free-of-charge to all new users and to all existing users of Brickell Medical Office, Brickell Scheduler, and Brickell Scheduler™ Pro, that are under an active Brickell Research software maintenance agreement, Gateway EDI charges a monthly fee per provider for this service.
This service requires Internet access.

For more information contact Brickell Research at 888.877.8176.

  •         Posted Friday, October 22, 2010