Need to Simplify Multi-Location Patient Scheduling?

BrickMed Schedula™ Takes the “Fun” out of Multi-Location Patient Scheduling … and by “fun” we mean the kind of fun only a masochistic adrenaline-junkie staff scheduler could love on discovering at the last minute that the same provider’s been booked for encounters at two different offices across town at the same time! Multi-location practices face special challenges, both in terms of managing conflict avoidance and fast, easy navigation of provider schedules- especially if some or all providers split their time across offices. BrickMed Schedula™ helps staff not only avoid conflicts when opening time slots for providers, but also makes it easy to define location-specific views of the schedule toward making schedule management easy, regardless of whether you scheduling staff is centralized or resident at each office.

Benefit from Location-Focused and Flexible Views of Your Schedule

The ability to assign default locations to views of your schedule and change views in seconds is critical, but BrickMed Schedula™ goes further and gives you the ability to just as easily see availability across different locations without changing the resource(s) currently on-screen. This makes it easy to bring up a multi-day view for a provider and “jump” from office-to-office to view available times at each- great for quickly accommodating patients who are willing to adjust to a provider’s availability irrespective of location.

Search for Available Times Across Any Combination of Locations and Providers

The ability to quickly and easily identify the availability of one or more providers and resources across any date range, set of locations, and with flexible day and time restrictions means that even hectic, tightly-scheduled multi-location practices can breeze through the task of accommodating patients with challenging scheduling requirements. Multi-Location patient scheduling was never easier.