Simplify Your Day with Schedule Direct™ medical charge posting

Tired of Repetitive Patient Lookups? Click. Charge. Done. As ultra-efficient as patient lookups are in Brickell Medical Office, the ability to post charges directly from scheduler views makes the posting process even faster by eliminating another step while affording you the benefits of transparently and effortlessly linking charges to the day’s appointments. Selecting an appointment in the schedule grid automatically positions on that appointment’s patient and allows you to start posting a charge with a  click.

Tying Revenue to Your Schedule

Many practice management systems don’t give you the opportunity to report on the revenue generated by your resources from a schedule-centric perspective as well as from a more traditional ledger view. That said, the ability to report on financials from a resource-centered perspective rather than from a strictly provider-focused view can provide a fresh insights into your practice’s revenue streams. Practices that prefer a traditional ledger-driven superbill posting approach certainly have that option as well, of course, but with Schedule Direct™ medical charge posting, the choice is yours!


… with Views that Let You See Uncharged Appointments At-a-Glance. If you choose to consistently post from your schedule using Schedule Direct™ schedule-based medical charge posting you reap yet another benefit- the ability to create custom-colored views so that charged appointments appear in the color of your choice! Unbilled and no-show appointments can also be assigned special colors within your schedule views. With Schedule Direct™ charge posting you can finally assess progress on the day’s posting activity with confidence against a realistic view of how your day has played out in terms of actual patient activity!