I can’t say enough about the product and the company! BrickMed always puts the customer’s needs first!

– Marilyn Jackson, Practice Administrator
Customer since 1999

Discover what thousands of business-savvy healthcare providers have known for nearly a quarter century: we put your business needs first. From Anesthesiology to Plastic Surgery to Mental Health and Billing… We’re Your Healthcare Business Outcomes Partner

Dedicated to Your Healthcare Business

Unlike EHR vendors who try to be everything to everyone, BrickMed focuses on improving business outcomes and revenue cycle management for healthcare providers. If your EHR isn’t supporting your business and your revenue is suffering, we’re here to help.

How we help revenue

Loved by Customers

Not surprisingly, when you treat customers right and help keep their businesses on track as long as we have, you develop a loyal following along the way. When you’re a BrickMed customer, you’re part of a family that’s, well, spoiled and happy.

Customer Testimonials

The Magic of Listening

Unlike many companies which treat user requests and input as a burden, BrickMed encourages user interaction and communication, and always has. You’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve read your mind when you look for a feature, only to find it, a year after first using our systems. That’s two decades of listening to our customers at work!

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Real Responsiveness

Are you tired of being brushed off by incompetent service reps or a vendor that’s big on promises and short on delivery? Our company was built around a culture of fanatical dedication to great service- whether it’s helping you find a report or reinstall software after a natural disaster.

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Easing Transitions

From the moment you call us for the very first time, you’ll find the BrickMed experience refreshing. Nobody replaces medical billing, scheduling, and business systems for fun; our understanding your business situation and charting a path that minimizes risk is part of every custom-tailored implementation plan. Our approach is as unique as our customers’ business challenges are varied.

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Great Connections

Whether you’re checking patient eligibility, interfacing with an EHR, running credit cards or sending patient appointment reminders, you’ll find that the BrickMed team is great at integrating our solutions with a wealth of third-party services toward saving you and your staff effort, time, and money.  We’re committed to a “best-of-breed” approach to addressing your most challenging business requirements.

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Built-in Business Flexibility

To run a great healthcare business, you need the right building blocks. BrickMed solutions ship with extensive built-in functionality often offered at a premium by other vendors so you can easily build the system you need. Plus, if our over one-thousand reports aren’t enough, custom reports typically only cost a few hundred dollars rather than the thousands commonly charged by other vendors.

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