Whether a Single Provider or a Multi-Site Group, Capture Your Healthcare Scheduling Preferences

You Should Be Able to Easily Adjust for Provider Preferences. Keeping track of and reflecting provider- or resource-specific scheduling preferences is usually a real challenge for scheduling staff. Do you have providers who prefer to limit the total number of “new patient” or other specific visit types per day? How about providers who preferentially set aside time for a certain type of visit (say, one  who prefers to see new patients from 9-10 AM on Mondays and Wednesdays while another prefers to see them on Thursday afternoons)? BrickMed Schedula™ helps you painlessly address common preference scenarios while allowing you the  flexibility to override settings and deal with exceptions when needed!

Manage Availability and Control Overbookings Visually

Ever had to deal with the consequences of systems that allow healthcare scheduling staff to overbook (sometimes accidentally) into any given time slot without limit, resulting in, say, a follow-up unexpectedly showing up during surgery? Some “drag-and-drop” solutions make it easy for you to make mistakes and hard for you to visually identify  a provider’s permissible double- or triple-booking policies. BrickMed Schedula™ offers you fine-grain control over provider and resource availability, and the ability to easily change or update the provider’s availability pattern when needed. We even provide you with a simple worksheet that helps you plan your schedule for all your providers and resources.

Easily Define Appointment Colors, Duration, and Restrictions by Appointment Type

Pick appointment colors, set default appointment durations, and encourage staff to book certain appointment types within time ranges (e.g., you may prefer to schedule appointments requiring fasting in the mornings) as needed to reflect your office’s needs- all with the flexibility to override settings at the time of booking. If you don’t want to choose from the color palette we provide, you can make up your own colors from a palette of millions. So you want follow-ups to appear in your favorite robin’s egg blue and new patient appointments in moss green? No problem!  If you can dream the color up, we can help you name it and apply it to your schedule!