Get Answers Without The Need To Become a Report-Writing Expert!

With up to five hundred built-in distinct, business-driven reports in nine hundred variations BrickMed Office and its optional specialty-focused modules give you the power of pre-built healthcare billing reporting features distilled from nearly twenty years of practical, real-world customer feedback. Built for more than just retrospective analysis, we provide you with easy-to-use reports designed to help you manage your practice and staff pro-actively- whether checking to make sure secondaries are going out in a timely manner, identifying unposted deposits, or grading payer performance in support of contract renewal negotiations.

Quickly Categorize and Organize Your Favorite Reports for Fast, Easy Generation

With hundreds of healthcare billing reporting choices, you’ll love the ability to quickly organize reports into lists of favorites by category- Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Payer Analysis, Billing Quality, Product Sales- the categories are yours to create to suit your  practice’s unique management and analysis challenges.

Need A Custom Report for A Special Situation? We’ll Treat You Fairly

With hundreds of built-in, real-world reports driven by the requests of users, billing centers, and practice consultants over the years, there is a good chance you’ll never need more than what is already built in to BrickMed Office. If you do, unlike other practice management software vendors, you’ll find our pricing to be fair and a reflection of the incremental effort associated with addressing your specific report request. If you have a great idea for a report that we feel will benefit all our customers, we may offer to make it a standard part of the system as a way of rewarding you for the suggestion (that’s how our customers have ended up with access to hundreds of great, practical reports!). In other cases, unlike with other companies which can charge thousands for even simple reports, it’s not uncommon for custom BrickMed Office healthcare billing reports or general reports to run just a few hundred dollars.