Fast Patient Appointment Scheduling:
From Call to Confirmation in Seconds

BrickMed Schedula™ is designed to speed every aspect of the patient appointment scheduling process- whether you’re confirming upcoming visits, quickly finding patients either before or after picking a time and day, or bringing up available times in a tightly-booked scheduled without having to flip through day after day to find an opening (… even if the patient says “I’d like to see either Dr. Jones or Dr. Smith, but Tuesdays and Thursday’s aren’t good and I always sleep in ’til 11”!). Every action you’re likely to take when working with a patient in BrickMed Schedula has been carefully considered and refined toward making your front desk  run like the smooth, well-oiled machine it can and should be, and that makes for happier staff, less wasted effort, and more efficient allocation of your office’s most valuable resource- time.

Be Alerted to Important Issues at the Time of Patient Appointment Scheduling

From automatically checking for duplicate patient records to warning you if a patient is running a large balance or already has future appointments, you have enough to worry about without having to deal with the financial consequences of not having important information at your fingertips at the time of patient appointment scheduling. BrickMed Schedula is designed to help you identify common sources of scheduling errors and, if desired, to help you present the scheduling desk with the information needed to support billing processes and responsible patient behavior.

Drag-and-Drop or Drag-and-Lose?
Reschedule Appointments Quickly and Reliably

Stop “misplacing” appointments! Companies love to sell features using catchphrases and eye candy, but when it comes to patient appointment scheduling, some “talking points”  come at a cost. Rather than implementing “drag-and-drop” functionality that’s of little or no value when searching for the right day and can easily result in a “misplaced” appointment with the slip of a finger, BrickMed Schedula™ implements rescheduling using a simple and familiar cut-and-paste approach. Click to select “move”, find the right time and day, and click again to select “paste” when you’re sure of the time you want. BrickMed Schedula gives you easy, fast, and reliable patient rescheduling.