Electronic Remittance Advice Posting Perfection in an Imperfect World

In a perfect world, all of your EOB’s would come in electronically, your providers would never be underpaid, and every billing job would come with eleven months’ paid vacation in Tahiti. In the real world, you have to deal with stacks of patient checks, a mix of electronic remittances and paper EOB’s, mystery underpayments by contract payers, and weekends at the lake with the in-laws. You need posting tools designed to support all the exceptions that are a part of your reality without interrupting your work-flow. Whether you need to tag line-items in a batch for appeal or post a quick one-off insurance payment straight to a patient’s ledger, we understand that you need a posting solution designed around the way your office really works.

Electronic Remittance Advice Flexibility

We understand that some offices may prefer to receive remittance files through a particular clearinghouse or directly from specific payers. Unlike many vendors, we won’t lock you in to our preferred clearinghouse (though, having said that, most find the prospect of processing a single remittance batch across multiple payers a time-saving alternative). Our standards-based ANSI 835 remittance module gives you the benefit of choice