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Software running slow? It could be due to Antivirus Software

Anti-Virus checkers, when running in heuristic scanning mode, can significantly slow down the performance of some software packages including some solutions from BrickMed.

(This may apply to all workstations and servers on a network.)s:


*.db, *.px, *.x0*, *.x1*, *.x2*, *.x3*, *.x6*, *.xg*, *.y*, *.val, *.fam, *.tv, *.mb, *.lck, *.net

Updating Your BrickMed Software

Some BrickMed solutions (such as BrickMed Office and BrickMed Schedula) include a feature that allows you to very easily download and install updates to your software.  If you currently have an active maintenance agreement with BrickMed, you can update your software whenever you like by following these steps:

1) Logon to your BrickMed software and click on the “Utilities and Tools” button.

2) Click on the “Download and Install Updates”.  The “Download Updates” form will now appear.

3) Connect to the Internet if you haven’t already done so.

4) Click on “1:Download Updates”. ( Warning: If you have a slow Internet connection this can take a very long time [can be up to several hours].)

5) Once your download has completed (a green checkmark will appear to the right of this button), make sure everyone logs off of the Brickell Software (with the exception of yourself of course) and click on the “2:Update Tables” button and then click on the “One Step Repair All” button.  This will create a temporary backup of your data and perform a table repair/update.

6) Once your table repair/update has completed (a green checkmark will appear to the right of this button), click on the “3:Trigger Update” button.

7) Exit your BrickMed software and bring it up again.  The software you are running will at this point update itself and may ask you to exit and log in again.

That is all there is to it!  You can update your software as often as you like.  We encourage most users to update their software at least once a month.

If this option is not available to you, or if your are having problems downloading your updates, please call BrickMed Technical Support.

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