BrickMed’s ThinkRCM™ Medical Revenue Cycle Management Software is designed to evolve with your healthcare business’s changing environment.  From the smoothly adjusting to the impact of patient consumerism to pro-actively managing changes in payor performance, we’re here to give you the tools you need to thrive in the new healthcare revenue landscape- wherever the next mountain may pop up.

Streamline Registration

BrickMed eRegistration solutions allow you to securely leverage your web site and even familiar PDF forms for streamlined patient registration, giving your staff the lead time needed to…

Improve Front-Desk Collections

Effective revenue cycle management begins with financial clearance.  Beginning with one-click insurance eligibility checks that can happen well before the patient is first seen, your staff will have more time to ascertain the patient’s readiness and willingness to pay, where needed, and offer available payment and fully-integrated financing options- all before an encounter has occurred.  Mitigating the risk of non-payment begins with effective clearance followed by collection at the time of service.

Streamline Post-Service Collections

Patients are increasingly expecting simplicity and convenience in communicating with your office.  This includes the ability to communicate with billing staff and make online payments.  BrickMed ThinkRCM™ leverages PHI·Gard solutions for one-click staff-patient email and statement delivery.

Accelerate Payor Collections

BrickMed has excelled at helping practices and billing centers alike maximize the capture of revenue after the patient encounter for over two decades.  Features available in BrickMed ThinkRCM™ include

  • integrated claim scrubbing
  • electronic claim submission
  • streamlined secondary billing
  • electronic remittance posting
  • authorization and denial management
  • integrated collections module

Monitor Payor Performance

BrickMed ThinkRCM includes an array of targeted payor analysis reports aimed at identifying payor underperformance and slow payment problems, giving your business department the tools needed to x-ray your payors’ payment practices and, together with the collections module, drive your billing department to surgically target problem areas so that you can respond to bottom-line issues before they significantly impact business performance.

Your healthcare organizations needs more than a practice management software company- you need a Healthcare Business Outcomes Partner.