Finally- A Licensing Model That Doesn’t Penalize Productivity!

Practice management and billing systems have traditionally been licensed on a per-provider and/or per-practice basis. We see that as a penalty for being productive.  With Brickell Medical Office, licensing is on a per-server or per-concurrent-user basis, irrespective of the number of providers or practices you manage. For billing centers, this might make the difference in being able to profitably accept the business of a low-volume multi-provider practice. For low-volume practices with a large number of part-providers, the impact on licensing costs can be similarly dramatic. The only fees that accrue per-provider or office  when running Brickell Medical Office are  optional third-party services (batch eligibility, etc.).

Combine or Separate Data to Suit Multiple Medical Offices

Whether you are running a multi-provider group under a single tax ID or multiple practices under one “management umbrella”, we give you the flexibility to manage your office(s) as you see fit both in terms of supporting user access control on a per-practice basis and in terms of helping you configure your system so that reporting, billing, and payment posting can easily be aligned with  business requirements. When combined with our multi-office-friendly licensing model, our flexibility in multi-provider. multi-office setting is second-to-none. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation at 888.877.8176 if you have a special business structure that you would like for us to review toward helping you determine whether our practice management and billing solutions are a good fit.

Billing Centers: Reap the Benefits of both Database Separation and Master Code Tables

Designed for busy billing centers that have a large number of practice databases to maintain, the optional Code Replication Module allows the definition of master and target databases on a per-code, per-practice basis. For example, a master cardiology procedure table might be maintained for one cardiology practice and replicated only to other practice database in the same specialty, while  diagnosis codes might be replicated globally to all practice databases, regardless of specialty.